Since 2003 SPRMRKT has been situated in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam where it found home in a former supermarket. Before crossing the threshold, one cannot help but be drawn in by the labyrinth of bare tree trunks surrounding the entrance to the 450 m² encompassing space. Created by the art collective WDSTCK, this installation serves both as a guide to the main store and as a realm of the unconventional that SPRMRKT embraces.

For each, SPRMRKT holds something special. This could be its remarkable selection of contemporary and progressive fashion, its wide range of accessories, books and design objects, or something as of yet undiscovered.

What it is precisely remains singular to each, and can be explored alongside the support of a welcoming staff, on hand to guide one through the curated space, providing dynamic styling consultations as well as insights into the different concepts behind the exhibited pieces.

With its belief in the necessity of pushing the boundaries, SPRMRKT also functions as a platform for inspiring ideas in fashion, arts and design by regularly hosting exhibitions as well as events that showcase upcoming talents and bring people through shared interests together.


Rozengracht 191-193
1016LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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